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Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail are for kids or your mother. Your Visalia business deserves business-grade webmail accounts with your branded domain.

Cloud e-mail, calendars & contacts; made easy.

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Simple. Private. Secure. Business domain. offers Visalia businesses a beautiful webmail solution that comes with modern online calendars and contacts that can be shared across your team. This managed replacement for your e-mail service is a private and secure business alternative to Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo! Mail. Make sure your e-mail gets read and looks professional through addresses with your branded domain.

EVERYTHING you need...
to maximize your business relationships.

A complete managed replacement for your e-mail service and more.

Let us take care of it all. Features include, webmail, calendaring, contacts, storage, sync and more.


Cloud-based e-mail made for doing business in Visalia.

An inbox full of great features.

Our cloud-based webmail is the simplest and most powerful way to manage your business e-mail. Webmail from is incredibly easy to setup and even easier to use. And our webmail looks as good as it works. Stay in touch with a business-grade e-mail solution that is serious about your success.

Cloud-based webmail provided in Visalia

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INTUITIVE CALENDAR that is ahead of its time...

Intuitive Calendars connected to your Visaliabusiness

Make the most of your time. Your Visalia business deserves to be this organized.

Keep track of your busy schedule and make more productive use of your time. Connect externally, sync Outlook® and other desktop apps, connect your Mac through CalDAV and sync your iPhone or ActiveSync mobile. Create and share calendars with individuals or groups. Take control of the time you spend on your Visalia business.

TAKE CONTROL of your schedule



Take everyone with you. Contact management made easy for your Visalia business.

If it’s as much about who you know as what you know, make sure you keep your contacts at hand.

Create, manage, group and share rich contacts data from browser, mobile devices or desktop apps. It’s easy to import names, numbers, addresses and photos from other applications. Share with individuals, groups or domains. Grow your Visalia business by keeping your customers close.

Mobile Contacts via your email and cloud configured is just what you would expect to find on all your devices

READY to grow your Visalia business?


HUGE capacity storage...

Store, attach, move, copy everything all on your cloud

Fast and secure worry-free storage in the cloud.

Your photos, your videos, your files - all in the cloud. Upload and share your attachments and documents to an online locker and access your files from anywhere. Organize attachments, documents, music, photos, videos and more. Add files from your desktop using drag and drop. Simple! Add files as e- mail attachments directly from your storage.

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Get access how you want and where you want.

Our webmail, calendar, and contacts play friendly with all your devices.

E-mail, calendars and contacts all sync across all devices. Use our webmail app or continue using Mac Mail, Outlook or your favorite desktop application. One-click setup for iPhones, iPads and iPods native email, calendar and contacts. Full ActiveSync (EAS) for push mobility on all supported mobile devices.

Mobile desktop and browser capable email, from

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We support your business, not just your webmail

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